Business Development

Projects related to client Business Development

  • DSherwoodD Enterprises, LLC
    Websites and web applications used by DSherwoodD Enterprises, LLC for operations
  • All American Estate Clearing
    Websites and POS for Estate Clearing, Estate Sales, and Antiques.
  • Minerals and Metals Processing
    Web applications for large volume mining operations.
  • Drones
    Applications and services for drone based multi-spectrum data gathering.
  • Old Stone Jail
    Tours and events at the 'Old Stone Jail'
  • The PENNitentiary
    Multi-use building in Ebensburg, Pa


Drones are being used on a daily basis now. There are so many business opportunities for the usage of drones.


DSherwoodD Enterprises, LLC's web department can design, develop, deploy, and support web sites and web applications.


A historical restoration project in Ebensburg, Pa. The Cambria County jail was built in 1872. Scheduled Tours and Events are held thru out the year.